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Before unsheathing the armada of household products, start by tidying and uncluttering the bathroom. It’s crazy all you can put in such a small room! Towels from floor to ceiling, dirty clothes scattered, endless beauty products … Arm yourself with courage and try to organize the space: dirty laundry must go in the baskets provided for this purpose , all cosmetics do not need to sit on the shelf and towels are much better hanging on pegs. We can already see more clearly, right?

Are you tired of those stubborn stains in the bathtub or in the shower? Here is a method that works miracles:

Mix 1 dl of vinegar and 100 g of cooking salt until you get a kind of porridge. Spread it on the stains to eliminate. Wait about thirty minutes and watch the dirt disappear on its own. Anja employed at Partena: “The limestone can be very tenacious. After the shower, it is better to rub the glass wall quickly and clean it thoroughly every week.

Against grimy tile joints, make sure your bathroom is adequately ventilated and ventilated. This will prevent the accumulation of moisture. It is already too late? Then dilute the bleach in water and return to your joints their cleanliness of old by rubbing with a toothbrush (preferably used).

A mirror covered with traces? So, try this trick:

First rub the mirror with an apple cut in half. Then, dry it with newspaper or paper towels.

A toothbrush holder is certainly practical, but far from being an example of cleanliness. Moisture residues accumulate quickly in the cup. Fortunately, it is possible to clean it without much effort.

Do not spend your energy unnecessarily, and simply put your toothbrush holder in the dishwasher.

A dirty bathtub? Sprinkle salt everywhere in the tub, cut a grapefruit in half (an orange or a lemon will do just as well), and rub. Your bathtub will never have been so fresh and fruity!

Everyone knows that the long hair and the drain hole of the shower do not mix well. Fortunately, there is an effective cure.

Find a wire, bend it in the shape of a hook and go fishing (and others) in your pipes!

Sooner or later, your toilets will become dirty. You cannot do anything about it. A good cleaning from time to time is the right solution, not a thorough cleaning as follows.

Here are the steps to follow.

A hint of bleacher works miracles. Rub vigorously with a toilet brush. Rinse, and that’s it. Be sure to ventilate your bathroom.

Are you all clean and you have to put your feet on a filthy shower mat? To keep it clean, just put it in the washing machine (30 degrees is enough) for an impeccable result.

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