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Premium Security Services

OMEGA SECURITY offers a complete security services dedicated to understanding our clients and their businesses.



Audit and security solution


Access control systems
Fire and smoke detection
Medical alert and emergency response


Terrorism awareness
Self-Defense Courses
Security guards training


Mobile dog patrol
Static dog patrol
Security dog training


VIP bodyguards
Personal security and diplomat


Fire safety officer
Certified training for fire safety officers
Fire training pan and fire extinguisher training


Home monitoring
Industrial monitoring
Commercial monitoring
24/7/365 Monitoring services
CCTV installation and maintenance


Jewelry stores
Cash in transit
Warehouse security
Asset protection: Cars, artwork, home goods


Events security
Concert security
Trade show security
Private party security

Premium Hygiene Services

OMEGA HYGIENE offers a complete hygiene services dedicated to understanding our clients and their businesses.



Out of hours cleaning
Office and residential cleaning
Spot, walls, carpet and floor cleaning
Interior Glass and Window sill cleaning


High level cleaning
After builders cleaning
Production line cleaning
Commercial kitchen cleaning


Vehicle disinfection
Anti-microbial spraying
Disinfection services for Covid-19
Commercial disinfection and sanitizing


Pet care
Preparing meals and snacks
Housekeeping workers supply
Laundry, ironing, vacuuming, mopping


Window cleaning
Floor cleaning and polishing
Building construction cleanup


What sets us apart is our unique expertise. With over 15 years of experience in the field and the technical as well as human resources we leverage, we remain one of the most reliable names in our sector. Discreet, responsive, and highly capable, we draw from many professions such as law enforcement and private security.

  • We are very active and fast response.
  • We use powerful technology and planing.
  • Delivering the best security solutions to our clients.
  • Professional training and incredible skill of our guards.

Our 9 Step Process For Implementing Security Plans For New Clients

OMEGA SECURITY  works hard to give every client high-quality, personalized security guard services at a price they can afford. In order to ensure that we customize every aspect of our private security services to each client’s unique set of needs, our management team follows the nine-step process detailed below :

1- Consultation : To become familiar with a client’s security needs, we start with a free over-the-phone consultation. During this call, we will want to know what industry you are in, the size and layout of your property, and your goals, concerns, threats, and perceived vulnerabilities. It also helps if you make us aware of any specific guard services and/or duties you are particularly interested in.

2- Security Recommendation & Competitive Bid : Following the phone consultation, we develop a proposal and bid that we believe will give you the most effective security for your budget. Our proposals can be presented in person or sent via fax or email. If you’ve put your job out for bid, let us know; we will match or beat any local competitor’s price.

3- On-Site Assessment : Before we finalize any proposal, we prefer to conduct an on-site meeting, during which a security manager meets with the property owner, manager, or other authorized representative to assess the location in person and adjust the proposal as needed.

4- Final Contract : We will revise and discuss the contract as needed until there is complete clarity and agreement on the services, terms, and expectations. We offer a variety of short-term and long-term contract options. As soon as a contract is signed, we can begin providing our guard services.

5- Security Plan & Post Order Duties Development : Based upon the terms of the contract, our security assessment, and conversations with the client, our security management team will develop a detailed security plan and post order duties.

6- Guard Assignment : In order to best serve our clients, we spend a lot of time trying to best match our guards to each assignment. We consider the guard requirements outlined in the security plan and each guard’s skillset, experience, and personality. Once assigned, the guard is briefed on their assignment and thoroughly trained on their post order duties.

7- Plan Implementation : You can expect our guards to arrive on time, in your choice of uniform, and fully prepared to work. We require all guards to check in to their assignment. Once on site, our guards will perform all patrol checks and duties as assigned.

8- Reports & Reviews : As part of our guard services, we check in regularly with our clients and provide them with detailed reports, such as visitor logs, incident reports, and patrol logs. Additionally, our management team conducts on-site visits, requests client feedback, and evaluates the effectiveness of our security plan and guard services. In the event of an emergency or urgent request, our clients have 24-hour access to our management team.

9- Billing : Clients on an open-ended or long-term contract are charged on a biweekly basis. Clients who need guard services on a short-term or temporary basis, will need to sign a pre-authorization form and provide a credit card that we will charge upon completion of service.

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For more than 10 years, we have provided high-quality cleaning and maintenance services customized to our clients needs. Our professional cleaning company ensures smooth service transitions due to our extensive experience.

  • Confidentiality is maintained at all times.
  • Aware of the benefits of constant two-way communication between our staff and clients.
  • Committed to training our staff to deliver the highest quality cleaning and maintenance services
  • Always researching new and innovative products, techniques, equipment and processes.
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Our 5 Step Process For Implementing Hygiene Plans For New Clients

When we begin working with a new client, we have a very specific transition process that we go through to ensure that the relationship gets off to a good start and work begins in a timely manner.

1- When we are awarded a contract, we always begin by visiting the location (or locations) where service will be provided. Photos of deficiencies are cataloged and the plan of action is created to bring these deficiencies up to the customer’s brand standard. This helps us establish a baseline of cleanliness so employees understand the daily standard they must achieve. At this time we also determine the equipment needed for the location(s), and we set up the project teams needed to bring the cleanliness up to standard.

2- Next, “Train the Trainer” is initiated so all staff is trained on all processes for the location(s). This begins with selecting the Area Manager and training him or her on the scope of work, chemicals, and equipment to be used on site.

3- Background checks are performed on all personnel who will be working on-site. Drug tests are also performed as required. Daily team meetings also begin at this point in the process and include procedural, safety and equipment training.

4- Once the equipment is delivered to the location, a final walk through with our managers takes place before work begins. Management does a final review with staff on scope of work, chemicals to be used, and equipment procedures. Management also walks through the location with the customer and staff to outline the first night’s start-up cleaning and project work. Project teams may be brought in to bring the site up to the customer’s brand standard.

5- After initial project work is completed, the start-up and project team turns the site over to the cleaning staff and management team. Here the daily workflow and accountability schedule is transitioned to the District Manager.


Security FAQ’s

What do security guards do?

Security guards are responsible for keeping property safe and staff secure. They control property access, physically patrol an area or monitor locations through cameras positioned in and around buildings, observe activity and also complete reports about their activities.

These trained professionals are ready-to-act and respond to potential security breaches and emergencies. The actions they can take include detaining potential offenders, removing them from the property, performing first aid for the injured, and securing and restoring order to a chaotic scene.

What skills do security guards have?

Security guards must possess specific skills in order to manage potentially dangerous situations. They are clear communicators, able to assess and de-escalate situations, and can quickly follow and execute standard security procedures.

They are trained to identify and respond to threats, assist during medical emergencies and operate security equipment.

They also possess customer service skills, which is especially important if they are in a role where they interact with the public.

What authority do security guards have?

Security guards have the authority to maintain order on the premises that they are hired to protect, but they cannot perform an actual arrest, only a citizen’s arrest.

They work closely with law enforcement, which is why respected guard services companies strive to foster good relationships with local law enforcement to develop mutual benefits, such as quicker response times and the easy transition of suspects into police custody.

Can security guards use force?

Security guards can use reasonable force, which is enough force necessary to secure premises, property or individuals, this means that the guard can defend themselves and the property they are hired to protect. For instance, if a security guard encounters a thief, he or she can use holding force to detain the individual.

If the offender doesn’t respond to commands, the guard should use reasonable judgement to control the suspect and premises in pursuit of overall protection of the public.

However, whether or not security guards use force as they carry out their duties is typically determined by the guard company and client. Different organizations have different policies and procedures.

Hygiene FAQ’s

How do i know i can trust OMEGA HYGIENE?

OMEGA HYGIENE is a nationally-recognized leader in residential home cleaning services. Our residential housekeepers have provided quality, reliable cleaning services for more than 20 years. Each maid services team comprises bonded, insured, licensed and uniformed housekeepers who are regularly supervised. And you always have access to our main office to discuss your professional cleaning service.

What is the difference between OMEGA HYGIENE and another hygiene services?

• We are an industry leader with more than 20 years of experience in professional commercial and residential cleaning.
• We provide customized high-quality services for all business types and sizes.
• We offer competitive pricing and free estimates.
• We have quality trained, supervised and uniformed employees.
• We only hire staff who we believe will adhere to our high standards and fit our brand.
• We are available to serve you 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including emergency services.

Learn more about our commercial cleaning services HERE.

What training does your staff go through?

Each and every of our cleaning company’s staff members undergoes both classroom training as well as on the job training. We make sure that the people we are sending out into the field to complete these jobs have a full knowledge of our products and how to use them.

Do you guarantee a quality service?

Absolutely! Our cleaners pride themselves on providing a high-quality, thorough service. If you’re not 100% satisfied with your cleaning, we’ll come back and re-clean it.

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